Airport master planning

Air travel is vital to the global economy and planning for growth is essential to ensure that airports can adapt appropriately in the years to come. At NACO we understand the necessity of an integral long-term development plan to guide the future of your airport. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts is ready to support your airport in preparing for the future.
Airport Master Planning

It all starts with an amazing plan

It is no secret that the number of people travelling through airports is rapidly increasing. As passenger and cargo numbers grow, so will the size of today’s fleet of aircraft. That means airports must be ready to deal with this surge in demand.

Our airport master planning methodology is a critical tool in determining future requirements for airports, and provides the comprehensive vision for long-term development. We use that vision as a fundamental tool to establish a road-map to define short, medium and long-term measures towards that vision.

We understand the need to incorporate flexibility into your airport’s Master Plan – given the dynamic conditions of the industry. Our multi-disciplinary approach of integrating strategic development, functional airport planning (airside as well as landside) and financial planning results in efficient, feasible and realistic solutions.

Key points

Some of our key services include:

  • Site selection & feasibility studies
  • Peak and Annual Traffic forecasting
  • Airside, terminal and landside capacity analysis and sizing
  • Airport process optimisation studies
  • Land use planning & master planning which integrates the strategic airport development objectives
  • Airside and landside traffic simulations
  • Financial planning (CAPEX, OPEX and Revenues)
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