Sustainable aviation and climate resilience

Sustainable aviation and climate resilience are fundamental for today’s aviation industry. The actions airports and airlines take today – to mitigate their impact on climate change and climate change’s impact on them – will define the industry in the coming decades.
Sustainable airport resilience

The big reset - industry shift towards sustainable aviation

Aviation is experiencing a transformative shift. The push towards sustainable aviation is being driven by a number of converging factors. One of the main drivers is the increasing pressure on the aviation industry to reduce its environmental impact. Governments, regulatory bodies and local communities demand more sustainable practices from airports. 

Passengers are also increasing their expectations. Airlines and airports are now expected to prioritize sustainability in their operations. On top of this, the aviation industry needs to adapt to the impacts of climate change, such as rising sea levels and more frequent extreme weather events. The actions that airports take now will be crucial in determining their future success.

Cutting through complexity to spearhead your sustainable aviation transition

Achieving greater sustainability and resilience is a journey. There are several steps to take along the way, and they involve every part of aviation. To future-proof your airport and ensure profitability, it's important to know where you are in your journey. As well as where you want to go and how to get there.

At NACO, we partner with you to guide you through this journey. From setting strategic priorities, through to implementation - we tailor our services to meet your needs. Through digital tools, we equip you with insights for data-driven decision-making. To bring stakeholders along on the journey with you. For a thriving community, future-readiness, and sustainable financial performance.
approach to sustainable aviation

Proven track record in aviation sustainability
As a trusted consultant we've worked on sustainable aviation projects worldwide, bringing over 70 years of expertise.
Full suite of sustainable aviation services
We make your sustainability ambitions happen - from strategy right down to implementation.
Facilitating decision-making
As an independent consultant we bring an innovative and objective approach to enhance stakeholder alignment and get acceptance on decisions.
Leveraging the latest digital tooling
We use digital solutions to increase accuracy and improve stakeholder engagement and cooperation.

Sustainability throughout the airport ecosystem

Tailored to your journey
elements of sustainable aviation

Our sustainable aviation services

Airport sustainability accelerator program
• One week workshop to deliver targets and strategic roadmap to start your sustainability journey

Net zero strategy
• Roadmap towards net zero ambition
Energy Transition Studies
• Solar
• Geothermal
EGSE studies

Sustainable Building Services
• Circular building design
• Sustainable building certifications (LEED, BREEAM)
Alternative fuel advisory
• Hydrogen
• Electric flights

Climate resilience scan
• Risk Assessment (financial and vulnerability)
• Adaptation Pathway
• Benchmarking best practices
electric flying masterplan whitepaperWhite Paper

Electric Flying Masterplan

- Get insights into the current status and future of electric flying - Explore the challenges and opportunities of e-flights

Cover image White Paper - Hydrogen powered airplaneWhite Paper

Preparing airports for hydrogen flight

- Get insights into the impact of hydrogen-powered aviation on an airport environment - Explore the challenges and opportunities of hydrogen air fuel.

Vivekanandhan Sindhamani - Head of Sustainable Aviation & Resilience


Head of Sustainable Aviation & Resilience