Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

About this project

In addition to being involved in the development of numerous airports around the word, we have also used our expertise here at NACO to upgrade older airports and bring them into the future.

We were selected in 2007 to carry out the general consultancy contract for the large-scale rehabilitation and upgrading project for both runways and the full taxiway system for Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

We were responsible for the planning, design, project management and construction supervision in the project which was vital to maintaining safety and operational efficiency at the airport under all weather conditions and for all types of aircraft.

The main challenge our experts faced was in managing runway safety and availability while minimising the project’s duration. We were also able to bring in an advanced technique for sustainable pavement rehabilitation, rubblisation; a technique that guarantees re-use of 100% of existing pavement material.

The project included the extension of existing runways and taxiways with a combined total surface area of 1.4million m², as well as upgrading of the airfield ground lighting (AGL) system and Category III landing system. We also delivered an airport staff training programme.

All of our work on this project has ultimately helped the airport authorities to prepare for the greatly increased demand for air travel in the region.

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