Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport

About this project

In 2016, together with ECADI, we delivered the winning design for the new passenger terminal building at Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport in China.

Strategically located in Eurasia, Ürümqi Airport is set to be one of the future aviation hubs of the Silk Road Economic Belt and connecting China with Central Asia and Europe.

Our team delivered a terminal design which will, in the short term, accommodate 32 million passengers annually with the aim of ultimately accommodating 50 million annual passengers to cater for the airport’s future growth.

The layout of the new North Terminal is simple but efficient. Three straight concourses connect to a centralised terminal processor facility. These have all been designed to ensure that they can be easily expanded to accommodate a higher passenger throughput in the future.

The centralised 400,000m² processor facility ensures best operational efficiency for airlines and operators, optimizes the use of facilities and deployment of staff, and enhances the passenger experience in terms of wayfinding, walking distances and quick and easy transfer.

Following on from this initial design work, the team has continued to work on the next design stage of the project to further develop the terminal area masterplan. Ground breaking of the new terminal area is planned to commence in spring 2017.


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